One of the fastest growing areas within the area of Coaching is Supervision. Many companies have introduced their own coaching structure with either internal or external coaches providing services to their workforce. As in the case with all helping or support structures coaches too need a space to unpack their concerns and challenges and to critically look at their handling of specific conversations and coaching sessions. Supervision provides that reflective space. It allows the coach to examine their process and ensure that ethical concerns are being addressed. It provides the coach an opportunity to learn from their experiences to build their ability to contact effectively and also to foster the concept of coaching more effectively.

Coaching is Normative, Formative and Restorative. It brings coaches back to the basis competencies and skills that are required to carry out effective coaching and ensures that they are developing their own style which still remains loyal to the principle concepts of coaching. It forms the coach, in that it challenges him/her to reflect and grow from their practice and become more skilled at their work and finally it is restorative in helping the coach to restore confidence, clarify and gain direction in relation to the carrying out of their coaching practice.

CPM Coaching offers a supervision service to both individual coaches and also to companies who wish to carry out the coaching function to best practice standards as is required by all the major coaching bodies.

Supervision Coaching Dublin, Cork, Limerick
Supervision Coaching Dublin, Cork, Limerick