MSc Personal and Management Coaching

MSc Personal and Management Coaching in Dublin & Cork (UCC)

This Masters programme provides a comprehensive training in both Personal and Management Coaching. The program is accredited accredited by UCC. The programme follows a logical progression of building coaching skills, creating the coaching relationship, developing coaching approaches, understanding the psychological background and implementing effective coaching practices in one to one or team settings.

The programme also engages in the use of solution focused, person centred, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and systemic coaching approaches. The use of mindfulness is explored as is business coaching and the important role of Supervision. The programme provides training in Psychometric testing that leads to recognition by the British Psychological Society. It is a part-time programme that is delivered one evening a week with occasional Saturdays and one week of class in April. It is completed over 18 months with an option to extend to two years.

MSc Personal and Management Coaching in Dublin & Cork College University
MSc Personal and Management Coaching in Dublin & Cork College University


Personal and Management Coaching Cork UCC Campus:
Start Day: 28st September 2020

Personal and Management Coaching Dublin (Griffith College):
Start Day
: 28st September 2020

Course Practicalities

This course MSc Personal and Management Coaching is offered fully in both UCC Cork or in Griffith College Dublin.

Venues Masters Coaching Dublin & Cork:

‚Äʬ†Masters Courses Coaching in Cork¬†(UCC Campus)
‚Äʬ†Masters Courses Coaching Dublin¬†(Griffith College South Circular Rd with ample underground parking, convenient to Luas)

Lectures take place in UCC, Cork Tuesday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, with occasional weekend workshops.

Lectures take place in Griffith College, Dublin Monday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, with occasional weekend workshops.

DURATION: 2 years

Similar Courses

Year 1 Modules MSc Personal and Management Coaching Dublin & Cork


  • AD6001: The Coaching Relationship (5 credits)
    The coaching relationship, history of coaching, coaching qualities, skills and competencies.
  • AD6002: Coaching Approaches and Skills (5 credits)
    Person centred coaching, transference and counter transference, goal setting, an integrated approach to coaching.
  • AD6003: Coaching Practicum (20 credits)
    Learning through participation in a work setting, supervision, record keeping, reflective writing, written and oral presentations, ethics in coaching and developmental plan.
  • AD6005: Mindfulness based Self Management (5 credits)
    Self management, well being, life balance, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment theory, emotional intelligence.
  • AD6006: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (5 credits)
    Cognitive behavioural coaching, positive psychology, psychology of performance, approach and avoidance goals, self-limiting thinking, cognitive distortions.
  • AP6049: Systemic Psychodynamic Coaching with Teams and Individuals (5 credits)
    Systemic psychodynamic coaching, team and organisational dynamics, systems at work, organisational coaching interventions.
  • AP6050: Business and Management Coaching for Leadership, Change and Organisational Development (5 credits)
    Group coaching, mentoring, leadership, change management, motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry.

Year 2 Modules MSc Personal and Management Coaching in Dublin & Cork


  • AD6004: Research Methodology and Reflective Analysis (5 credits)
    Methodological traditions of research, design a research project, review and critically appraise research literature, reflective analysis, reflective portfolio.
  • AD6007: Personality Analysis & Individual Differences (5 credits)
    Personality analysis, personality traits, motivational values, principles of measurement theory, accurate and sensitive feedback to clients.
  • AP6051: Dissertation in Coaching (30 credits)
    Demonstrate an ability to complete a minor thesis to the appropriate standard.